Teseko Stables


There have been Tennessee Walking Horses here at Teseko long before dogs. Their fluid gaits and gentle dispositions have pushed the Tennessee Walking Horse into our hearts. Please enjoy your visit with our two Tennessee Walking Horses.

The first Tennessee Walking Horse to grace Teseko was a graduation present when I graduated as a Certified Management Accountant. Bay Gem was 5 years old and green broke (I was young). That was in 1985... he now spends his days sunbathing in the fields and going for short rides.

Bay Gem

Roxie is my dream horse. Her official name is Coin's Hot Topic and she was bred by a great Tennessee Walking Horse breeder, Diane Gueck, and trained by Bucky and Nancy Sparks of BLESS your horse training. Roxie's nature is as gentle as her eye and she is a true pleasure to ride.

Here are some of the pictures of what we do. We love trail riding in the Cariboo/Chilcotin, we go on Fall Roundup, we're on the Williams Lake Mounted Horse Patrol (a volunteer group) and cover lots of miles in Roxie smooth gaits.

We also took a de-spook clinic and that is where we walked thru fire, over teetering bridges and thru tarps, etc. It was a great opportunity to build the bond of trust between the horse and rider.

Whatever we do, Roxie is always happy to be working and impresses all who meet her. Roxie is truly the horse of my dreams.

Roxie Roxie walks through fire
Going for a Ride!
Looking South over Fraser Plateau DM, Roxie and Tony in Gasperd Creek