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American Blackbelly Sheep

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American Blackbelly Sheep are a horned version of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. It is believed the horns were introduced by crossing Barboados Blackbelly with the Mouflon Sheep, both being hair sheep. As the name suggests, "Hair" sheep do not grow wool, they do get an undercoat in the winter but it sheds in dred locks in the spring and the fibres are too short to spin (as per my friend who tried it). American Blackbelly sheep are very hardy, good mothers but on the smaller side for meat production. One website source states that hair sheep are lower in cholesterol than other sheep (and lamb is lower than other red meats) but I have no way to verify the cholesterol claim. Being hardy, I do not regularly innoculate or worm my stock, instead I do fecal exams to establish need and end up worming about every 2-3 years. Blackbelly sheep are less domesticated than most other breeds and would rather jump a 5 foot fence than be caught by a stranger (another lesson learned). They are very attractive to look at and their lambs are adorable but I spend a lot of time stating "they are sheep not goats".

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