Teseko Remembers


This pages is dedicated to the Teseko animals who have passed on. You will always be in our hearts, and your legacy lives on....

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Am./Can. CH Blackwater Atim Never Ever X CH. Teseko'n Atim Candy Kisses

Minute is different. She is the quiet one that tries not to offend and will do anything to make you happy. Minute finished her Canadian Championship at 10 months of age.

divider Angus CH. Snowflower I'm Just Angus

Angus was my first Belgian and was Winners Dog at the ABTC National in San Mateo, California.

divider Teseko's Top Hat CDX

Topper (CH. Sunbelt's Dalla of Alaris x Arbeitsheim Starbright) lived at Chocmorr Perm Reg'd Kennels where he was loved by Muriel and Cliff. Muriel now has Topper's son, Seamus (Darby's brother). Click here to see his advertisement in Canine Review Magazine.

divider Tsuniah's Triple Ace
Triple Ace Triple Ace divider Kisses
CH. Teseko'n Atim Candy Kisses
Kisses is mother to our "F" litter.
She was an amazing girl, full of energy.
Life was never dull when Kisses was around.
divider CH.Teseko's Andante CD
...my first home-bred Champion...
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divider ROM CH. Dalas of Alaris
...a great little guy who came to spend his retirement and fathered Tuxedo and BowTie...
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divider arbeitsheim Arbeitsheim's Star Sprite
...my first sweet little papillon, mother to Tux and Bow...

CH. Teseko's Tuxedo

Tux was my best friend. He was the dog that I could take anywhere and he would read my mind and try mostly anything. One weekend, our local Kennel club was hosting an advanced obedience seminar and I didn't have a dog to take, so I took Tux. In the afternoon, the instructor finally asked me why my dog could do the send outs, fetch, etcetera, and had great attention but he didn't heel - I explained that Tux was a conformation dog and he had never had an "obedience" lesson before - the instructor was amazed.

When I decided to try agility, I mistakenly took a Papillon, thinking Tux wouldn't run as fast as the big dogs. He proved me wrong by not only being competitive with the Border Collies in time, but also by having no faults. Tux used to love agility at 11 years of age and loved to get out and show off.

In 2005, after many years of unsuccessfully breeding my Papillon girls elsewhere, I decided to try artificial insemination to Tuxedo, and he sired his first litter at 10 years of age! I joke to people that I wanted to make sure there were no health problems before using him.


Teseko's Bow Tie

Teseko's Bow Tie is pictured doing the tire jump during the 2003 Williams Lake Stampede, where we competed in the "Hoof and Woof", a fun contest where each dog is paired with a horse, the horse does it's jump circuit, then the dog does it's agility course (set up among the horse jumps). The crowd really enjoys it and it's lots of fun.... especially when your dog is used to horses and can do a reliable sit-stay while the horse is thundering past.