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Teseko Princess Pippa HS

Teseko Princess Pippa HS


Pippa was the result of Tea's first litter at age 8! She has her father (Conner's) drive and Tea's desire to please. We've started herding and she is loving every minute of it.

Pippa has obtained her Herding Started Title with numerous High in Class and a High in Trial. Many thanks to Wendi Daeschel for her handling and training of Pippa.

Pippa alternates with being home with me, helping with farm chores, then going to Burnaby to train with Wendi and being a city dog (she now walks down the sidewalk whereas most of my "country dogs" prefer the nice yellow line).

One winter morning I took Pippa over to the barn to help with chores. She went around the back of the barn while I collected the horses' hay nets, but Pippa didn't come back. When I went to see what she was up to, there she was laying down, curled around and washing a new lamb that had somehow ended up on wrong side of the fence. She was quite disappointed when I gave him back to his mother and told her to "leave it".

Teseko Princess Pippa
Pippa, Roxie and me on the grasslands near Riske Creek with the Balsa Root in bloom.