Williams Lake Real Justice


Donna-Marie was a founding member of W.L. Alternate Justice program and is active as a facilitator as well as a Director.

Otherwise known as Williams Lake Community Council for Real Justice, Real Justice Family Group Conferencing is an alternative for those people who feel that the traditional methods of law enforcement and the criminal justice system are not sufficient in reducing and preventing crime and that things have to change. Through many new partnerships in the Community of Williams Lake, crime prevention programs have been effective in reducing many crimes.

Through research and the knowledge of another vary effective crime prevention program, Family Group Conferencing has been introduced to the community. This system of justice was first introduced in New Zealand and later modified to meet the criminal justice needs of Australia, which has a similar social and criminal system as Canada. Family Group Conferencing was introduced to Canada in Sparwood, B.C. Williams Lake is the third community in British Columbia to adopt this program.

For more information on Williams Lake Community Council for Real Justice, please email Donna-Marie.