Cariboo Kennel Club


In September of 1970, dog enthusiasts in Williams Lake and surrounding area joined together to form the Cariboo Kennel Club. Today, the Club's purpose is to provide an avenue where people can enjoy activities with their dogs, to encourage purebred dog ownership, and provide education regarding purebred dogs. The Club also recognizes the value of mixed-breed pets, and focuses their activities on furthering all members' enjoyment of their relationship with dogs. Club events encompass everything from fun agility (where dogs of any pedigree or none are welcome) to full blown Canadian Kennel Club Dog Shows.

Donna-Marie has been an active member in the Cariboo Kennel Club since 1987. She has held positions from Treasurer to Director, including obedience instructor and currently Agility Coordinator. For more information on the Cariboo Kennel Club, please email Donna-Marie.

The Cariboo Kennel Club hosts an annual agility fun match at the Williams Lake Harvest Fair. Below are a few pictures taken at last year's match. Photographer - Rider Cheyne.

The Course


The Tire Jump

tire jump

The Dog Walk

dog walk