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MBIS MHIT GChEx GMOTCh Am Ch Sky Acres Flying Made Easy Am CD ADC TT HIC (Jordan)

Jordan is the first dog in Canada to be a double Grand Champion! He has his Grand Champion Excellent in conformation and is a Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion. So far, as of March 2015, he has 2 Best in Shows, 10 Group Firsts, 54 High in Trial with 3 perfect 200 scores. He has won High in Trials in National Belgian specialties in Canada and USA.




2014 Litter of Conner/Martine

Zena Nitro

Zena, grey girl, sweet temperament

Nitro, red boy, willingness to learn, great obedience prospect

Martine had 9 Belgian tervuren puppies on March 24! Martine gave birth to a wonderful 5 boys and 4 girls.

Martine gave birth to 5 boy and 4 girl Belgian puppies

3 1/2 weeks old. Being socialized With 6 year old and 3 different floorings, in a different room with new toys and obstacles.

Girl plays with puppies on the ground Puppies and their toys Girl cuddling the puppies Puppies playing in their house
Conner Martine relaxing on the couch
CH. Constantine Bergerac de Hu
OFA Hips BT-5231G29M-VPI (Good)
OFA Elbows BT-EL2488M29-VPI (Normal)
OFA Thyroid BT-TH495/35M-VPI (Normal)
CERF Clear
Silverado's Martine at Atim

Belgian Litter of 2010

Conner/Martine Belgian puppies Conner/Martine Belgian puppies

These Belgian pups are very mellow and willing. They love being around people and since Rider was rehearsing music while they were young, they love music! A number of new owners have remarked how their pup comes running and sits attentively if they play the piano or guitar.